In English

Welcome to The Libraries of Hillerod

We offer free access to our huge literary collection which reflects interest in both our Danish and International heritage and culture. This collection includes an extremely comprehensive selection of both adult and child literature, films, games, newspapers music and much more.

You can relax, read both Danish and International newspapers, have free access to rooms designed  especially for studying, participate in various exciting events……. And much more.

There is something for every taste. And everyone is welcome.

How do I become a member?

It is both quick and easy to become a member of our library. The only thing you have to do is to bring along your plastic (yellow) health card, choose a pin number, and we will then create your membership which will give you full access to the library and everything it offers to the public.

What does Membership include?

All borrowing is free.
You can borrow a large range of materials such as books, games, films, magazines and much more.
You can order books from other Danish and International libraries.
You can book one of the rooms especially reserved for studying.
You have access to our many online facilities and offers. For example to watch films, borrow both e-books and e-audio books, and read e-magazines.
You will have free use of our computers.
You can enjoy various exhibitions and lectures and participate in events for both children and adults.
You can use our facilities to print, copy, scan and fax.

A Small Fee will be charged for the following:


B/W        A4: 1 kr.   A3: 2 kr.
Colour  A4: 3 kr.   A3: 6 kr. 
NB! Each printing job has a charging price of 1 kr.


From 5 kr.

English newspapers online – PressReader.

With just a click, you have access to more than 250 international newspapers from 55 countries around the world. The newspapers are kept in their original appearance so that all the details from the actual printed paper are both available and visible.v

In order to use PressReader you have to be a member of the library.

You can read more about how to become a member and how you can optimize your use of the library by reading our folder on the subject.